Welcome to the start of this journey to discover your mission!

Your mission — your personal "why" — is at the heart of who you are. It is inseparable from your story, your purpose, and your unique personality and talents. Your mission is at the heart of your call to greatness.

This course will walk you through the process to find that one central thread woven through all aspects of your life, that theme at the core of your being and substance of what it is you want your life to be about — to discover your mission.

What to Expect

Your mission is inseparable from your story, and so in order to begin to discover not just what happens to interest you or be a passing "passion" of yours, but to really delve deep and discover your mission at the core of who you are, you will need to invest some time and effort into the process. To do this, you will be directed through a step-by-step process to write out elements of your personal story each day: your history, your talents, your temperament, your hopes and dreams... as well as guidance in how to interpret and learn from what you find there.

This course will take you through a journey of discovery over the next seven days. The course content will deliver to you each day a few short video lessons and occasional supplementary materials, and will give you a specific actionable exercise each day to complete. You can expect to spend 5-7 minutes each day for the lessons.

The goal of this course is to be a transformative process, aimed at helping you achieve real progress in discovering and clarifying your mission. We encourage you to set aside at least five minutes each day to complete the exercise for that day and spend some time in self-reflection.

Immensely Rewarding Process

You may find a point where you really have to challenge yourself. This is a normal part of the online-course process and being accountable to yourself for your own progress. We have set up supports to encourage you with daily reminders along the way, but what you get out of the course is ultimately up to how much you are willing to invest in the process of transformation.

It is not easy stuff, but it is immensely rewarding. Once you come to see your mission more clearly, you have a powerful tool for making decisions and charting a sure path through life with simplicity and single-hearted focus in an increasingly complex and changing world.

We hope that you will revisit from time to time the lessons in this course, and reflect back over what you have written during our time together, as you will find that by reflecting on your story, talents, and mission over the coming months and years, you will come to even greater clarity and refinement in understanding — and living out — your mission in this life.